Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your first challenge!

Thank you for coming to visit my brand new blog! I hope that you'll enjoy my challenges and be inspired to learn and create.
So here is your first challenge:
Create a card with these three colours: Crystal Blue, Buttercup and Desert Sand. You can add an additional colour if you like. If you don't have these colours, you may substitute for ones that are similar. I think you can post a photo in the comments. If not, just email me your creations. You have two weeks and then I'll post another challenge. To sweeten this first challenge, I'll add a prize. But you have to participate to find out about it!
Here's an example to get you started:


  1. Yay! I'm your very 1st follower! Do me a favour and follow my blog too!

    As for the challenge, I don't have those exact colours but I'm sure I can find something very close in my stash. I will definitely make a card for this challenge.

  2. I will try and make a card for this challenge too. This is a really cute card. I have a blog also come by and leave me a comment when you have a chance.


  3. I've got all the elements of the card made, now just have to put it all together, take a picture of it and I will post it on my blog as well as send it to you in your email. Mike likes it and thinks the colour combo you chose is very nice. Hmm, maybe I'll give him the card!

  4. Hope this link works! Here is my card. I also emailed it to you.


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