Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unique Card Workshop the Second...and Third

My customers were so pumped about my unique card workshop, but so many couldn't come on Saturday so I'm hosting again! You can come, too.
We'll be making the cards pictured below on Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18 at 7pm both days. Cost is $18. If you'd like to participate you'll need to let me know by Saturday, July 4. I've already got 4 signed up for Saturday, so don't wait until the 4th to reserve your spot!

Happy Creating!


  1. I love these cards! By the way, I named you in my blog award the other day. Forgot to drop a note to tell you. You can "pick up your award" at MargosGarden.blogspot.com. NO pressure. Frankly, it was difficult completing all the rules! LOL
    TFS all of your talent!

  2. Hi Krista,
    I've linked your blog as one of my favs for the Lemonade Stand award. You can stop by my blog to pick up the award. Thanks for all the great inspiration!
    Just also have to mention how much I love your blog background :)

  3. Hi Krista:
    I had a great time at the card workshop on Saturday. Thanks again for the five fabulous cards, I'll definitely be using the patterns again in the future!
    Tara :)

  4. Tara, thanks for posting! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did, too!


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